Friday, June 10, 2011

Johan Franzen



Fan letter sent February 23, 2011.
4/3 autographed cards received June 10, 2011.

Somehow one of Franzen's cards came back as doubles, so if anyone wants a player who has had a four-goal and a five-goal game, tell who you're willing to trade for him, autographed that is.  Kind of interesting since I only sent three cards.  Anyway...Don't worry, I won't ask for too much.


Michael said...

Hey Tyler,

Nice cards! What address did you use for Johan?


Tyler said...

Sorry, Michael. I probably need to check my settings to make sure that I get e-mail alerts for comments. I used:

Detroit Red Wings
Joe Louis Arena
600 Civic Center Drive
Detroit, MI 48226

I usually send mail through the player's current team at the time that I am writing to them unless they are retired then I use a website such as or some other website linked to on Sal's Hockey Autographs website.