Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Milan Hejduk

Currently with the Colorado Avalanche.
Fan letter sent November 24, 2010.
3/3 autographed cards received December 27, 2010.
I honestly wasn't expecting these to come back signed, mainly because of the results that Sal got from the Colorado Avalanche.  However, after looking at some other autographs of Hejduk around the Internet, I'm not so sure that this isn't ghost-signed.  Can anyone tell if these are authentic or not?

Todd Gill

Retired player.  Autographed insert acquired in trade on December 15, 2010.

Last card from Sal.

Brian Campbell

Acquired in a trade December 15, 2010.

Currently with the Chicago Blackhawks.

One of the other cards that I got from Sal.  Not quite as good as Briere's signature, but good enough for me.

Daniel Briere

Currently with the Philadelphia Flyers.
Acquired in a trade December 15, 2010.

Fellow blogger and autograph collector Sal traded me this Briere autograph, along with two other cards, for a Cam Ward autographed card that I got signed for him in-person.  As many of you already know, Briere got beat recently in the Stanley Cup Final by his former teammate, Brian Campbell, whose autograph you can find here.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lauri Tukonen

Insert in 2008-09 Upper Deck Black Diamond pack.

Currently in Finland with Lukko Rauma.

Kind of a bust for the Kings former 11th overall pick from Finland.  He did not score a point in his five career NHL games with the Los Angeles Kings, and I guess would have been one of their worst first round picks of recent memory, if anyone really remembers him that is.  Sorry, Lauri.  He's still only 24, so who knows if he'll come back; but, most likely, he won't make much of an impact.  I don't mind getting an autographed card inserted in a pack; but, I can try getting my other cards autographed through other means and get better luck that way.

Roberto Luongo Jersey Card

Insert in 2008-09 Upper Deck Black Diamond cards.

These cards were actually relatively inexpensive on ebay, and this was the best find of all the cards that I got shipped to me today.  Kinda looks like they put the old Canucks jerseys from about 2006-07 on here, because there is no green of basically any other colors of their current jerseys on this card other than the royal blue.

Tom Poti Jersey Card

Insert in 2006-07 Fleer card pack.

Currently with the Washington Capitals.

I have decided to post my other collectibles and cards that I have.  I got this jersey card in a pack of 2006-07 Fleer cards, and even though Poti has never impressed me, it's still cool to get a jersey card.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Brad Richards

Fan letter sent November 26, 2010.
3/3 Autographed cards received December 10, 2010.
Currently with the Dallas Stars.

My first TTM success came today when I got back from getting tile for a new shower in my parents' house (I live with them along with my brother) and it was good to find something in my mailbox after an average start to the day.  I don't know how long I should expect to wait for autographs, but I hope this doesn't make me spoiled or something about autograph collecting.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Note About Links Under Header

All the links under the header are to other websites.  I don't keep up with addresses.  Once on Sal's Hockey Autographs, you will be able to go to other websites (if necessary) in order to get a couple other addresses for NHL players.