Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Great Collector's Blog and My Introduction

I recently found a really good blog of a hockey collector that is pretty interesting. It's called "Sal's Hockey Autograph Blog" and the url is It is just amazing how many autographs he has listed and has stories about and it just inspired me to make my own amateur-sized blog called "Hockey Gods and Collectables" ("Duh! I see it at the top of the page!"). Anyway, I have several hockey autographs and collectibles and I just wanted to show off my own acquisitions. Unlike his, I will probably buy most of my autographed collectibles, so I'll try to fill in the blank, unispiring days (those when I don't get any autographs, and there will be a lot of those or collectibles) with my thoughts on past and future hockey gods (I consider a hockey god as either being retired or deceased). Not that I will have many days where I write on my blog and I also hope that I won't forget about this one like some of the others I have set up in the past and later deleted. Anyway, hopefully I will start listing some of my collectibles as soon as possible (when I get my family's digital camera back).