Friday, May 13, 2011

Curtis Joseph

Fan letter sent March 7, 2011.
2/2 autographed cards received May 13, 2011.

Although he never spent more than six seasons with one team, Joseph was able to make his mark in the NHL with 454 career victories, putting him fourth all-time currently behind Ed Belfour, Patrick Roy and Martin Brodeur, and should be one of the top candidates to be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame beginning with the 2012 Hockey Hall of Fame inductions, if I have calculated it correctly.  I really hate that I only had Coyotes hockey cards and none of his cards from his days with the Blues, Oilers or Maple Leafs.  Maybe I'll purchase some cheap hockey cards from before the lockout next and hope that I can get some of his older cards the next time I shop on eBay.

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